Kentucky Lake – Spring Fishing

Kentucky Lake – Spring Fishing

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During “normal” winters on Kentucky Lake, it is generally too cold for any but the hardiest fishermen to venture onto the Lake and try their skills at fishing.
It has been a different, much milder winter this year and, as a result, the fishermen have enjoyed pleasant, windless days on the Lake throughout the winter months and, as a result, have many more fish stories to share. While still fishing in deeper waters to find just the right sweet spot where the fish congregate, people on the Lake enjoyed the temperate weather and took advantage of every sunny day to be out on their boats.
Winter fishing on Kentucky Lake has always been an adventure for the hardy, but Mother Nature this year wanted to give the best of opportunities for everybody to throw a line out and see what they could catch!
This week, two of our intrepid fishermen caught crappie weighing as much as 2.25 pounds and bass weighing from 4 to 6 pounds.
As the water continue to warm, the spawning seasons for the crappie, redear and bluegills will soon be upon us. We look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about everyone’s fishing adventures.


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