Have you ever pet a kangaroo?

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[Post and photos provided by KY Down Under, photo credit to Molley Scott.]


At Kentucky Down Under, we encourage animal interactions between our guests and some of our animals. The “kangaroo experience” is one of everyone’s favorite things to do on the OUTBACK WALKABOUT TOUR. Our guests have the opportunity to get up close with our kangaroos and interact with them. Petting a kangaroo or a baby joey kangaroo and feeling how soft their fur is always brings a smile to our guests’ faces and gives them a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

Guests enjoy our large aviary where they can feed our beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets a cup of sweet nectar that the birds go crazy over. The lorikeets will land on your head, shoulders, and arms to partake of their favorite snack. This often creates some fantastic photo opportunities and hilarious reactions by our guests. Be careful, sometimes our lorikeets like to leave behind a little souvenir!

There are three activities that are scheduled at Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo: the first is the Mammoth Onyx Cave guided cave tour (to keep tour sizes manageable), the second is the Animal Shows that have set times, and third is the Woolshed Demonstration that has set times. The rest of the time guests can traverse the park at their own leisure.

We have a picnic pavilion and picnic tables where guests can bring their own food into the park with them and relax and have lunch. Our Outback Cafe opens late spring and offers a wide variety of affordable menu items for the entire family.

Mammoth Onyx Cave – discovered in 1799

Included in the admission price to Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo is a guided lantern tour of Mammoth Onyx Cave. The cave tour is an easy 30-minute tour that offers a wide variety of cave formations and history. The cave was discovered by a young girl in 1799 when she was out picking blackberries with her brother. This is a great tour for introducing young family members into caves to help alleviate any darkness or claustrophobic concerns that they might have in venturing underground.

The lantern tour allows guests to witness the cave as early explorers did back in the day. The cave temperature is a constant 58 degrees, so it is warm in the winter and cool & refreshing in the hot summer months.  Above ground, don’t forget to check out our GEM MINING!

For more information visit: www.kentuckydownunder.com or call us at: (270) 786-1010.


Post and photos provided by KY Down Under, photo credit to Molley Scott.


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